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Another Giant Cross with statues around the base on Hwy 70 in...

Welcome to Indiana

Soy farm

More bright yellow soy fields

Our walk around Deer Ridge Camp

River runnng through Deer Ridge

What a lovely campground

We could have stayed longer in this lush green place

Our campsite

Gidget playing around with Hippo

Well, isn't a Shih Tzu a "lion dog"?

Our Rv Park at dusk

Today we drove to Richmond, Indiana which is close to the Ohio border (center of the state). It rained lightly most of the day but the driving wasn't too bad. All of these states - MO, IL, IN - are all so green along the highway. Once in a while there is evidence of small towns or farms breaking through the forests. We saw a lot of bright yellow fields that we were told was Soy.

We passed another Giant Cross like we saw in Texas, but didn't stop to check it out. We arrived in our RV park in Richmond, Deer Ridge Camping Resort, in the rain. After a while it stopped and we walked around the lush green forest along the river, and had fun with Gidget on their miniature golf course.

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