Larry & Cheryl's 2006 Travels travel blog

Gidget on the swing at the RV park

Gidget making friends

Little Miss Piggy was just her size

In front of the farm next door was an antique horse drawn...

Amazing what they used to use back in the day

Old barn next door

Sun gleaming on the Arch and framing downtown St Louis

New style buildings

and old architecture

Rich colors of Iris in bloom

Iris garden in the Botanical Gardens

Maple trees in the Japanese Garden

more of the Japanese Garden

Missouri History Museum, Spirit of St. Louis

Closer view of Spirit of St. Louis

Meaning of Missouri

Antique beer poster

A little blurry - sorry - old brewery poster

Across from the History Museum park, this lovely old home

Next to the highway, Busch Stadium

Just a little confusing, Edwardsville road sign - 66, 157, 143, 159...

This bird was visiting us daily next to our campsite

Our friend, Jane, and her furry "family".

The rain has caught up with us and there are tornado warnings to the south west of us. I don't know if Cheryl will get any sleep tonight (concerned about tornados). I don't think that getting in the basement of the trailer would do any good. We are staying put for a few days while this system moves through and then we will probably catch it from behind.

We will spend at least a week here in Edwardsville, Illinois which is about 20 miles east of St. Louis, MO. We visited several evenings with our dear friend of 25 yrs, Jane who is nursing her husband through his chemo treatments for lung cancer. She has enjoyed the couple of nights off to visit with us.

Because of the weather we mostly just sat around and waited out the rain and, at times, very high winds. In between storms, we walked around the RV park with Gidget, and enjoyed the scenery of the adjacent farm.

Another day we drove back into St. Louis, thinking we could visit the Botanical Gardens before the rains hit again, but half way through the 72 acres when we were at the farthest point from the buildings, the clouds opened up on us and we were soaked by the time we got back to the buildings. The gardens were lovely and the Iris were in full bloom, with amazing colors.

The next day we went to the St. Louis History Museum which interestd Larry much more than the gardens.

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