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View from Smile Bungalows

Bottle Beach, Ko Pgan Nan

Bottle Beach, Ko Pgan Nan

Bottle Beach, Ko Pgan Nan

Bottle Beach, Ko Pgan Nan

Wednesday 13th January 2010

After a restful few days in Krabi its time to hit the road again, and another long bus trip – this time to Ko Pha-Ngan island off the other coast of Southern Thailand.

The journey involved first a bus to the bus station, then a coach, then another coach, then a tram bus thing, then a ferry, then a taxi and finally a longtail boat to Bottle Beach! Seven different vehicles in one day – it was worth it though when we arrived at Bottle Beach is picturesque and you don’t have to share it with too many others. There are just four places you can stay (three of which are owned by the same family!) and the only way of accessing the place is by boat (or so we thought!!!). We were booked into Bottle Beach 1 resort and had our own bungalow right on the edge of the beach. Tonight we fell asleep to the sounds of the waves gently crashing outside – bliss!

Thursday 14th January 2010

We spent the day relaxing on Bottle Beach... well there’s not much else to do here! Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and there wasn’t much chance for sun bathing, more rain bathing – so it was a good chance to get some reading in as we have done surprising little since we set off!

We decided to book somewhere else to stay for the last 2 nights as we’re not all that impressed with Bottle Beach 1 resort. Our bungalow is nice but the bathroom is a bit basic, the staff in the restaurant are idiots and the service is appalling so we’ve moving next door to Smile Bungalows (the only place not operated by the Bottle Beach empire).

Friday 15th January 2010

Moved to Smile Bungalows this morning - our new bungalow is cheaper and the bathroom much nicer. We’re not quite on the beach but we still have a great view from the balcony.

We spent the day relaxing on the beach soaking up some sun as the weather was better today and we took a dip in the ocean. We were roped into playing a game of beach volleyball with an Israeli couple – the most exercise we’ve done in a while! It was good fun although we both had very sore hands afterwards (oh and we lost by the way!).

Saturday 16th January 2010

Yet more relaxing today (I could get used to this!) and also more volleyball with the enthusiastic Israeli couple we met yesterday – they had also roped in some Austrians they found sunbathing on the beach. It was actually much better playing with more people – more chances of getting the ball back over the net. I discovered my strength is definitely serving not getting the ball back during play!

We decided to branch out and have dinner at Bottle Beach 3 tonight – only Bottle Beach 2 left to try – it’s a shame we are leaving tomorrow!

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