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Leaving Ambergris Caye, Belize

Only room for eight

San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, Coral reef in blue waters


Arriving in Corozel

Outside public market in Chetumal


Replica of Mayan sculptures



Replica of how a temple would have look with its stucco finish





Murral within a temple

Mayan family social standing from bottom to top - Farmers, craftsmen, warriors...

Dugout canoe used for river & intercoastal trade

Typical farmer's home


Color of finish on temples.


Chetumal's cultural center courtyard

Children rehearsing fora performance at the cultural center with our hotel in...

Chetumal Cultural Center

Hugh's dinner

Sally's dinner

After our 14th day with “The Route of the Maya” tour and four days on Ambergris Caye we are now back on our own. First we had to decide how we were to get off the Caye – (1) Fly back to Belize City and bus up the coast to Chetumal. (2) Take the water taxi a two and half hour trip up Belize Bay to Chetumal (3) Or change our air ticket to fly to Corozel on the Belize side of the border, then taxi to Chetumal. Hugh wanted to take the boat, Sally the plane to Corozel so we compromised and took the plane to Corazel which turned out to be a good way to do it. At the airport on the caye we met a couple from Australia who had driven a motor home down from the states to Corozel and had come over to the caye for two days. They said they would introduce us to a taxi driver they were using and he would know the best way to get us across the borders and on to Chetumal. We got off the plane, collected our bags met the taxi owner, got in the taxi, stopped to let the Australian couple off at the their RV park and headed to the Borders. At the border we were able to leave our bags in the taxi but had to get out to pay the exit fee, then got back in the taxi on to the Mexico immigration. Again, left our bags in the taxi, filled out papers for a visa and within a half hour we were at our hotel in Chetumal. We chose the Cocos - the “old hotel”. It is the oldest big hotel in town but you cannot tell it. They have remolded the old and add several new upscale wings. It is very nice and the price is right. After getting settled in we walked up the hill several blocks to the modern Museum of the Maya. They have secured many or made copies, you can’t tell which until you knock on it to see if it sounds hollow, of important Mayan relics. When you walk in you start to whisper it is so representative of the Maya of old. The floors are all green marble. The placards are bilingual and the lighting adds to the richness of the museum. It was a good culmination of “The Route of The Maya”. Many of the temples we visited were reproduced in miniature as they looked when built, not after years and years of abandonment. We were impressed with the ruins but even more impressed when we see how grand some of them had been.

We planned on staying in Chetumal one day but our accommodation and the town was so nice we decided to stay and extra day and rest up and enjoy ourself.

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