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This story is not about RVing or any tourist attraction or natural wonder but instead is about the kindnesses of several strangers during a recent event. Monday the sun was shining so I went for an afternoon walk on the beach, as usual.

Once I reach the end of the boardwalk, I usually slip off my shoes to feel the sand on my toes and I did the same this day. I headed up the beach and let Eddie off leash, as I usually do because he loves to run and explore the dunes.

There are markers along the beach here that are one tenth of a mile apart and I use them, like many other people to measure how far I walk each day. This day I had only gone a little way when I met a woman who asked me if I had seen the whale. It seems that a large balleen whale had died offshore and had drifted onto the beach up towards town and people were flocking to take pictures and observe. I immediately turned around and walked the other direction, chatting with her as we went.The tide was pretty high and I vaguely formulated the thought that there was a greatly increaed amount of car traffic today. Before the thought was fully formed and concluded Eddie came running towards me and ran right under a car. I ran to him and began to check for injuries. In his pain and fear, he bit me several times. The lady I was walking with, Susan, called 911 to try and get some help. The driver of the car who hit him got a first aid kit and a bottle of water to try and staunch my bleeding. We were able to figure out that Eddie wasn't bleeding (all the blood was mine) and didn't seem to have any internal innjuries. Port A sent a police officer (who looked about 12 years old) arrived but didn't seem to know what to do. We decided that we could safely transport him to a vet ourselves and Roger and Joyce(owners of the car who hit him) volunteered their services. We headed to the Island Animal Clinic with me holding Eddie on a blanket in my lap and stroking him and trying to comfort him. Dr. Debra Megonigle and all of her staff were amazing and went well beyond the call of duty. They gave Eddie a morphine shot right away so x-rays wouldn't hurt him anymore. She explained that his pelvis was broken and he needed surgery but that no one local can do this type. She called a clinic in San Antonio to consult and gave me all their information. Of course, I didn't have my wallet with me so they graciously allowed me to return later to settle my bill.

Dr. Deb was quite concerned about my wounds ad help me clean and bandage them. Her receptionist worked the phone trying to get the local doctor to squeeze me in for a tetanus shot and antibiotics. The law apparently requires that a report be filed with animal control officer before a dr may treat a dog bite. He came right to the animal clinic and decided that since I am the owner and the victim Eddie can be on what is called a home quarantine. Roger and Joyce drove me over to the doctor's office but since I didn't have my insurance info they couldn't see me. We ran back out to the RV park to get my purse,shoes and cell phone and returned to the doctor. Now they determined that they didn't accept my insurance so we had to find another place. I called the insurance company and they told me about an urgent care clinic in Corpus Christi, about 20 miles away. Roger and Joyce insisted on driving me there also where I had to wait about 90 minutes to be seen. Luckily, there is no serious damage so they re-bandaged me, gave me a shot and a prescription for Augmentin.

Finally got back to the RV and made Eddie as comfortable as possible on the couch. The morphine was working and he seemed content enough. Roger and Joyce gave me their card and asked me to keep in touch. I went over to the rec hall to tell friends what had happened. A sweet lady named Pepper who lives here year round wanted me to visit a clinic she knows of in Corpus with a skilled vet she knew personally with the hope that maybe I wouldn't have to go all the way to San Antonio. Tuesday morning I called them and they agreed to see him for a second opinion. The receptionist from Dr Deb's office called to follow up and I told her that Eddie wouldn't eat or drink. She suggested I offer him ice chips, but not to worry about food. I tried those and he will lick them a little but I was worried about dehydration. Pepper volunteered to drive me into town to the local pharmacy for my scrip and some gauze to hold on the bandages on my thumbs. They gave me some syringes and I use these to squirt water in his mouth every hour. Pepper also insisted on driving me into Corpus where we met with the kindest vet who looked at the x-rays and concurred with D Deb's recommendation. He wouldn't even charge me for the consult since he said he really couldn't help. He said that Eddie will heal without surgery, but it would almost definitely have problems like arthritis in the future and he could even walk lopsided if it didn't heal straight.

I called the clinic in San A and made an appointment for Thursday. They will see him in the morning and look at his x-rays, then do the surgery in the afternoon. He will stay overnight, and if there aren't any unforseen complications, be released Friday morning. Since it can be done all in one day, I'm going to rent a car for the drive, then stay overnight with a friend. I'll be so glad to see him get well

We went to The clinic in San Antonio

where they performed their magic. See this photo of Eddie waiting for the dr - you can tell he does not feel like his normal self

They kept him for two nights since he was still connected to an IV and a catheter. I spent one night with my friend in Kerrville, then another in San A. I went to a movie "The Book of Eli" which I highly recommend, by the way and spent some time in one of the larger malls where these giant boots show shoppers where the parking areas are.

Brought Ed home on Saturday and he gets better every day. This pic shows his incision with its 15 staples

and this one shows him looking much more alert, and trying to wag his tail.

He is eati ng, drinking and going potty. He moves around the RV some but is not supposed to jump, run or be too active for 6 weeks. He is on antibiotics, pain meds and Pepcid to help calm his stomach. I borrowed a crate to confine him when i have to leave so he won't jump or lick the incisio. Every day he can do a little more and seems to feel better. I have cut down his pain meds and he seems fine.

I was scheduled to leave here yesterday but he needs his staples out 10 - 14 days frm surgery and I would feel better having it done by someone who has actally seen him before. I talked to the office and they found me another spot within the park until

Monday when Dr. Deb will remove them first thing in the morning and then I'll head up to Galveston Island.

I did get to go to my very first Mardi Gras parade on Tuesday, here on the island. It's family friendly so don't get the wrong idea about all the beads I got.

Here is a group of ladies who were sitting by me, ready to have a good time

Here are a couple "floats"

There were people in costume like these

and of course, "music" like this calliope

It wasn't very big, lasted less than an hour, but was a lot of fun. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with all these beads. Next posting will probably be from either Galveston or from LA or MS on my way to Orange Beach Alabama.

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