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Our last supperas a family

Singing the farewll song to our Mighty Leader.

DaVeed caught on quick and was soon the leader, again.

Farewell to those heading for home.

Boat dock to Ambergris Caye

Light at Belize City

Boat ride

Coconut shrimp for lunch -yum.

Sunrise over the Caribbean.

On way to snorkeling spot.

Glass bottom boat view of Nurse Sharks.

Swimming with the sharks & rays.

Main street in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye

Sunset to the west over Belize Bay

Sunset clouds over our hotel

Another sunrise over the Caribbean

"Main avenue"




Diana & Lenny lifting off


Two happy parasailers

Rum sampling before dinner

Don & Carolyn off for a sunrise stroll before catching plane back...

"High tec"airport

Plane to mainland & home

After leaving the tour we either had no internet or were busy and did not get around to sending this last update to our “The Route of the Maya”. WE enjoyed the tour and the new friends we had the pleasure of making.

Sunday we had our last dinner as a group then sang “The Twelve Days of Maya’ to Da’-Veed (David). Monday morning 9 of us took the bus to the water taxi while the others headed for the airport and home. It was an hour and half ride to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. The Caye is about 5 miles off shore and 40 miles north of Belize City. At the city center, San Pedro is just over 3 blocks wide. The streets are narrow and the main mode of transportation is golf carts that zip here and there like bumper carts at an amusement park. On the ocean side, the reef is about a half mile out to sea where the waves from the Caribbean come crashing in. The sea close to the beach is mostly calm. It is an open beach with hotels, restaurants and gift stores mixed among docks for the dive and fishing boats.

We were met at the dock by Ben, our part-time guide, who walked us down the beach to our hotel. After a short rest we toured the town then went to a nondescript dinner and walked home down one of the narrow, main streets. The next morning we headed off to the dive shop for fins, masks, the glass bottomed boat to do some snorkeling. First we stopped at Shark Alley and swam with the sharks and rays and other large fish before moving to an area along the reef with an abundance of smaller fish of many kinds. Here the five women did the snorkeling while most of the men looked through the glass bottom boat. Back on shore Ben said goodbye and we were our own. The time on Ambergris was a nice way to wind down from our previous two weeks of go, go, go. We enjoyed walking on the beach, sitting by the pool, trying restaurants and doing some shopping. All was calm till Diana and Lynn decided to go parasailing. From their point it was great, for the rest of us it was fun watching then lift off and sail high above the blue waters of the Caribbean. Most things must come to an end so, Thursday we walked to the airport for the trip back to the mainland and our flights home. Security was high - all bags were checked for baggage tags before being loaded. Adios!

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