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After Tikal, we went to the Rio Dulce. Unfortunately, the night before we went there we ate a dodgy pizza from Pizza Hut and the old adage of “eat the local food and you’ll be fine, eat at Pizza Hut and you will die” sang like a doomed anthem to truth. We awoke with severely bad tummies and took probably one of the worst four hour bus rides yet on a small crowded hot noisy bus on windy roads through the hills, with no toilets in sight. The worst day of the trip so far! When we got to Rio Dulce we both passed out for about 24 hours and didn’t get round to doing the river kayaking that we’d planned on. We stayed in a little wooden shack right on the river. There was jungle on both sides and it is a big boating stop over for people sailing around the Caribbean. Very tranquil and the hut we were in was possibly the best place we’ve stayed yet. It’s just a shame that we spent most of our time feeling very dodgy, and coping also with the emotional grief of having to deal with the deaths of two cameras in such a small space of time. Someday soon it will shine upon us once more, but to make it all worst there hasn´t been a pina colader in sight. I really don´t know how we´re going to cope...

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