Greg & Amy's World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

It's a jungle out there

Canopy walk

Greg walks the tightrope

Lizard and a butterfly - all in one

The views we had to endure

The oldest, 130 million year old rainforest in the world. Sound familiar? That's exactly what they claimed at Khao Sok, but we had to check this place out anyway. Taman Negara inspiringly translates as "National Park".

Unfortunately, our schedule in Malaysia didn't allow for an overnight stop in the park but we got to do the main things anyway and as it turned out we saw more wildlife than people who had done so. The highlight there was a canopy walkway - a labyrinth of rope bridges suspended from trees, 45m above the ground! Fantastic views and a real feeling that we were part of the jungle!

The best spot of the day was a large Malaysian Water Monitor (lizard) which happily blocked our route ahead to pose for a photo. Of course Greg obliged with his swish new camera (woohoo). Although it may not seem that impressive, we saw some amazing butterflies - swarms that circled into the air like a colour-filled tornado.

The most strenuous part of the day was climbing a steep mountain, tree roots as steps, to a viewpoint looking over the jungle. A few buckets of sweat later we were blessed with a spectacular sight as promised.

Getting back to base involved a 2 hour longtail boat trip which actually took 3.5 hours for various reasons. Scenic and beautiful it was, relaxing it wasn't. We ran aground 3 times and had to jump out and push. Amy was more of a hinderance than a help, but what's new?! The engine flooded, as did the boat and we were stranded for 40 minutes until another boat happened to pass. There are worse places to be stuck than a river passing through the rainforest though (like the Sutton to Victoria commute)!

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