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Decided to visit the town of Rockport the other day. It is just across the bay and is known as an artists community. Many of the building are painted with murals or decorated funky.

I saw this guy outside a jewelry store, not sure what his story is but he was cute, or maybe it's a she.

I walked around the town a bit and browsed in a couple shops, looked at the boats in the harbor and had lunch. Here's a shot of the harbor

These cool statues were outside the art center on the waterfront

The other interesting place I visited was the Fulton Mansion. George Fulton had this built in the mid 1870s and he included many innovations that were far ahead of his time, including indoor plumbing, a flush toilet and central heat. After the family moved away, the building fell into disrepair but was acquired by the state of Texas some years ago and they restored it as closely as possible to its original condition. His wife kept extensive records of her household expenses which were available for the restoration effort. Much of the original work is intact like this newel post

look at the detail. There was also lots of original plaster work, like this

Many of the rooms were furnished in a style typical of the time period, like this dining room

This master bedroom features the original bed, where George Fulton died.

This tile floor is also original

Every room has a fireplace, as would be expected of a house at that time, but what is different about these is that they never had fires built in them.

Instead they each had a damper which served to draw air into the room from the massive furnace in the basement. George was a big believer of having fresh air flow through the house so every interior door also had a transom window like this

He had a massive cistern to collect rain water which was then pumped by hand to the roof where it then flowed by gravity to faucets thru the house, including the bedrooms, like this one.

He also had a flush toilet and a bathtub inside with running water.

Here is an exterior view of the front of the mansion

This front lawn which was landscaped by a later owner was once an RV park.

There was an original brochure from it on display where the prices were listed. The first week was free and the second week cost $1.25.

Some of you may be wondering what else I do here beside visit tourist attractions and walk on the beach. Here is a sampling of the activities I've participated in here at the park: burger night, Bible Study, bingo, line dance class,ice cream socials, euchre, game nights where I've learned two fun new games - Jokers and Mexican Train, beading class, and a luau - complete with a hula contest Other activities available but I haven't done include - computer class/club, wood carving, Texas Hold 'em and regular poker , sewing and quilting, aerobics, bridge,card making and mosaic vase or stepping stone. Coming up there is a chili cook off, Mardi Gras parade and dinner, Valentines Day dinner/dance and a hillbilly dance, a well as a fishing contest which had to be postponed due to weather and tide conditions. I have probably left out some things but there is always something going on.

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