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Lake view from top of Temple 216

Saturday was as interesting as all the others with one exception - Hugh deleted the day’s pictures before downloading them to the laptop so you just have to believe it was a good day. We visited Yaxha’ the third largest Mayan ceremonial city in Guatemala. It is between Tikal and Belize on a low hill overlooking two lakes. By climbing to the top of Temple 216 the tallest structure you get above the canapé of trees and get a excellent view of Lake Yaxha’ and Lake Saenab and miles and miles of jungle in all directions. This site is popular because of having been shown on the TV show Survivor. It is interesting that each of the sites we have visited have very similar architecture, though many miles apart and belonging to different kingdoms. We bused back to the main road, about twenty miles on an almost smooth dirt road and had lunch at a restaurant owned by the aunt off David’s girl friend. We had the soup of the day which was pumpkin seed with a chicken leg in each bowl and fresh corn tortillas. It was delicious.

After lunch we had about a three hour trip to Belize City. The border crossing was interesting. We had to get off the bus, claim our baggage, have our passports stamped, pass through customs where the custom agents were having a conversation and eating and just waved us through, then wait for the bus to be inspected and pass over the border, then repack our luggage and THEN we were off. Most of us were tired by the time we reached the city and we went directly to the hotel by-passing a city tour. A good dinner was provided by the hotel and we all retired early hoping to get some rest.

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