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´Hace calor eh?´, ´Demasiado calor..´or simply ´Que calor!´

For most Argentines this is a staple of their everyday conversation. You would think that living with this heat on a daily basis would mean they just got on with it, but they do love a bit of a whinge.

In Uruguay we met probably more Portenos (from BA) than we did actual Uruguyuans. All the Argentines escape the stifling BA heat and head to the Uruguayan coast, so much so that Punta del Este - the overpriced resort where the beautiful people reside- is often referred to as a suburb of BA. We spent our last night in Punta del Este and, although it was a fun experience clubbing with the very rich portenos, for me it was one of the least interesting places I have been...we could have been in any overpriced European beach resort.

I much preferred the previous two nights in Punto Diablo which is way up the coast, another chilled hippy hang out full of surfers. It´s right next to a beautiful national park so we went for a drive and a wander there on the Thursday. It was quite exciting as we randomly found this lake where there were canoes that were free to use!!! It brought back some lovely memories of this time last year, kyaking down an icy river with Solly... The Rev would be so proud.

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