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I have some pictures of the kids learning about dates, but not about the Legos. It is hard for me because I am the one speaking and the teacher is usually working on something else so I don’t have a great opportunity to take pictures. I had a parent helper take these, but there isn’t always one available. The dates AND the Legos were both hits! In the 3rd grade class I bought the stuff and made date milkshakes for them to try. They LOVED them (so did I). I also got another kind of date so they could sample the Madjool alongside the other kind (it didn’t say what kind they were on the package – just California dates). I couldn’t make the milkshakes or let them sample them in the first grade class because of the allergies. One of the kids asked the most darling question in the 3rd grade class. When I explained to them about the male and female blossoms a little guy named Max asked, “Is that why they are called ‘dates’?” I thought that was so cute! The timing was good for the date topic too because they had an Enrichment day about ancient civilizations, and I talked about how dates were one of the foods they ate in ancient times. I didn’t have the stuff with me that day, but I am going to bring in a pot so we can plant a date tree. The kids are excited about it!

I did the Lego talk today. All of the kids were very interested to learn how they were made, where they were made, and how many are made each year! I passed around the glove you sent with the beads in it and let them feel the ones you & dad had made. They thought it was really cool. They LOVED the Legos you sent for them too. I think everyone wants to go to LEGOLAND now! Mrs. Pence told me that when she told them I was coming they all clapped. I can tell the kids are really excited to hear the updates each week. The 1st graders get excited too when Mrs. Loy tell them we are doing a CocoLocomoto update.

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