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Friday it was a little cool here, it was a good day to do something indoors so I decided to visit the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus.

Port A runs a daily shuttle which stops at the malls an main tourist attractions and they pick you up for $1.25 each way. Pretty good deal and you don't have to fight traffic or figure out where you are going or where to park. The exhibits are mostly about species found in the Gulf of Mexico or creatures that can be found locally like this guy.

These are common here and can be distinguished from the flamingo by the shape of their bill. It is more rounded and they are are called roseate spoonbills. They had lots of tanks of colorful creatures, including coral like these

They even had these cute little guys.

There were lots of stingrays, so beautiful in motion like this one

This pool had several of them and you were encouraged to pet them, but I chickened out.

This turtle, named Itsy, has an injured flipper.

His species is endangered and they lay their eggs here on the beaches of Padre Island. Hundred of volunteers join employees of the National Par Service and the Fish and Game Service to re-locate those eggs to help them survive. Even once hatched, their survival rate is not very good. If they do make it to adulthood though, many of them return to these beaches to lay their own eggs. This beautiful fish is called the Queen Angelfish and you can tell because of the "crown" of purple along her fins

I think I even found Nemo, what do you think?

They also had a temporary exhibit about the Amazon rain forest, where this guy normally lives

Another pool had places for these otters to lay

And they had a demonstration later in the day featuring birds of prey like this guy

I took some shots outside since the building is right on Corpus Christi bay

where you can see lots of ships, including humongous tanker bring oil into the refinery here and then taking the refined stuff back out to all the places its needed. Here's a view looking across the bay at the art museum

and on the other side the Lady Lex, which I visited and wrote about last year.

If you're interested in more details about her, and she is fascinating, see that entry. This one was my favorite of the neat sculptures they had all around the grounds

My favorite attraction was the dolphins. These guys are just relaxing before the show

These two were performing tricks for their trainer

and this one was playing ball

Most of my shots didn't come out very well since they were constantly in motion. Next time, maybe I'll try video. After the show, you could go down underneath the arena and watch them play from below. I think this one was showing off

Another neat demo I got to watch was this large tank representing a coral reef. A diver came down and fed the critters. See the aluminum box behind him which holds the food.

They even bottle fed the stingrays a special mixture they love

The sun finally peeked its head out late in the day, just in time to show us this, over the fence behind my site.

This week, I'm planning a trip to Rockport.

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