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Our resort


Today our group went on a snorkeling adventure! We each paid 150 LE (about $30) for a day on a snorkeling boat! We got up early and rented our snorkeling gear and climbed onto a cute boat called Katscha 3! The 16 of us plus some other tourists spent the day on the boat with three snorkeling stops and a fresh fish lunch included! The boat traveled for about an hour through the Red Sea before we arrived at Paradise Island, the site of our first snorkeling stop! I had never snorkeled before in my entire life, so I was a bit nervous but some of my friends showed me how and I went out into the water. There were lots of beautiful reefs and colorful fish to watch in the water. However, I discovered that I'm not particularly good at, or found of, snorkeling! I hate the taste of sea water and have a lot of trouble with the concept of letting myself breath underwater! So I took off the snorkel and just wore the goggles to look at stuff and that worked much better for me! We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the boat and then playing or snorkeling in the water! It was actually pretty cold up on the boat once you got out of the water so we were glad that we had brought our towels!

They served us a lunch of freshly caught fish and rice with soda and water to drink around lunchtime! The crew of the boat were a very nice group of Egyptian men.

At the end of the day we sailed back to our resort exhausted but very happy with our adventure!



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