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I can't believe that I have been here a week already. It seems like such a short time, yet so long at the same time! As soon as I arrived here at Krusmølle, Fredrik my 14 year old host brother asked me if I had any plans for the day. Of course I didn't so he suggested we go out in the snow. It was awesome. I donned some gear that they had, a lovely blue jacket, ski pants and uggies and then headed out to brave the cold. I couldn't believe that they wore uggies outside! I usually wear them inside! It was heaps of fun in the snow, but rather cold. Frederik offered me a ride on his quad bike which was heaps of fun.

After going into town to get some thermals and getting me registered on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday we headed off to Vejle for language school. I arrived a bit late to language school as Henrik and Nina were running a bit late. Language school was fun. We just learnt the basic things on day one such as my name is.... what is your name etc. After school I had to wait around for about an hour until I got picked up by my host parents in Vejle. I wandered down town to have a look at everything. There are so many boots in the shops! I can't believe the range. One thing that did surprise me is their store, Fotex which is their grocery store. In Fotex they also have clothes and things like that. I think it is kind of a very large convenience store. I was picked up by my host sister from School after about an hour of shopping and headed back to their house.

The family consists of Mum (Dorthe) Dad, Finn and 4 kids, two boys and two girls. Only the girls live at home though. Hanne is 18 (that's the one that picked me up) and Marie is 15. They are both really nice and speak immaculate English! That night we played Guitar hero and I officially suck at it! ha ha. but it was heaps of fun just being around them. Language school was much the same for the next day. I caught the bus home with Hanne in the afternoon (at about 2 coz that is what time school finishes) and just sat around for a bit. That night the handball was on. It was good to watch but I found myself asleep at abut 8:20 due to Jet Lag.

After school on Friday Kristy-Lee, Jacob and I had to catch the bus back home. Jacob and Kristy-Lee live in Sønderborg which is about an hour south of me. When I arrived home I found my host sister (Cathrine) home for the weekend with her friend. She lives in Århus to attend Uni I think. All of the kids then went Toboggan riding behind the quad bike. It was so much fun! I even have the bruises to prove it! On Saturday night, after more tobogganing, we had to Babysit some family friends whilst the adults went out. I don't think the kids really understood that I didn't speak Danish! ha ha. It was all fun though, we just watched a bit of TV.

This morning the kids that we babysat (who stayed over the night as the parents did) had a go on the toboggan. Whilst we were outside it started to snow! It was really amazing just standing in the snow watching it fall on you. It was really something special.

I hope that you all are well and are enjoying the hot weather in Perth!

vi ses

(see you)

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