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Huatulco from the plane

Church in the zocalo

Building a sand castle


Turtles mating


Swimming in the Pacific



Stone Face

River rafting

River rafting 2

The last place we visited on our trip was Huatulco Mexico. Mexico was a lot warmer than Caye Caulker, so we did lots of swimming at the beach and at our hotel pool. One day we hired a boat to go snorkeling and a tour of the Bays of Huatulco. On our way in the boat, we spotted lots of sea turtles and two were mating and we got very close. We also spotted about an 8 foot long manta ray. We saw another one jump about 5 to 10 feet out of the water and do a back flip. It was very cool! We also spotted 3 dolphins swimming by.

While we were snorkeling we swam to the reef from the beach. The reef had blow fish, which we got to hold, urchins, which we also held, and lots of large hog fish. We also spotted 3 needlefish that were up to about 3 feet long. On the way back we saw the Stone Face, a face naturally formed in the rock on the shore line, and the Blow Hole. The Blow Hole is a hole where water fills in and sprays out a mist.

Our last adventure in Mexico was river rafting. During our rafting trip we had a cameraman ahead of us in a kayak taking pictures of us as we came down the rapids. At one of the breaks in the rafting trip, our guide was looking under rocks and found a river shrimp. He took it home for lunch. Our river rafting was a level 2. Next time I want to go for a level 4 or 5 - the most harsh rapids there is!

Mexico was a great finish to our trip. Goodbye hot sun!

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