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I know I haven't written this for ages (sorry Em!) but it has been difficult to get to internet. Ummmm where was I....

Saturday spent most of the day in the park by the massive tulip sculpture, sunbathing. Went out to dinner with Anna (Toby's lovely friend who lives in BA) to a restaurant that was rather posher than we had been expecting. But we decided to treat ourselves and had insane Patagonian lamb- the meat here is incredible. We then went on to a Mexican themed party where they had made tonnes of fajitas (which we were too stuffed to eat) and Caipirainhas (I have no idea how to spell that), which are Brazilian drinks of rum and sugar.

Sunday was a bit of a tough day. Everything is closed in BA, it was extremely hot and claustrophobic and I was feeling very homesick. However, I had Uruguay to look forward to as Anna and her friend Olivia very sweetly invited me to join them on their five day trip.

On Monday afternoon we took the boat to Colonia, then the bus to Montevideo, then rented a car and drove to Pedrera up the coast. It was a fairly long journey but distance between places here are so extreme. We had quite an eventful journey as, being on a budget, we didn't want to waste money on a map! So we followed our instincts. Which led us down a dirt track for an hour on an unfinished road to the lagoon. Needless to say we were very relieved when we finally arrived at our hostel in the early hours.

Then next day we spent the morning on the beach at Pedrera. The coast here is stunning. As it's the Atlantic the beaches are huge expanses made flat by the constant waves. And the wind is strong, thankfully as the sun is scorching. We then drove up the coast to Cabo Polonia, which is in a nature reserve. I thought I would find the long drives a bit of an effort but it is a proper road trip through the pampas, the flat land of estancias and wild horses.

As Cabo is in a nature reserve you can't drive there, so we parked inland and got into a dune buggy. These buggies are the only way to get there and are the craziest form of transport. Basically the frame of a 4by4, but double level and completely open so people perch on bars way above the ground. The drive through the dunes was stunning although not exactly comfortable. Our hostel was well out of the village, along the beach and completely isolated. It was the most laid- back place I've ever encountered. Made pretty much of driftwood it was strung all over with buoys and hammocks. We chilled there for a bit, swimming and sunbathing, before heading into the village. Cabo is a completely surreal place, totally detached with almost no electricity and a community of hippies. We drank collectivo while watching the sunset, then had local fish for supper while some crazy people did fire dancing. We ended up in their 'boliche' (club) which was a sort of hillbilly pool hall slash bar where everyone gathered to dance and smoke. Headed home about four in the morning, and got completely lost.

We slept for long this morning, only waking up to cool off in the sea. We had calamari and liquadao (amazing smoothie) for lunch and then drove this afternoon to Punto Diablo, where we are now. Our hostel here is lovely, we have our own room, kitchen and bathroom and people are very friendly. Anna made yummm spag bol for supper and now we are sitting playing cards and backgammon with some Argentines.

Besitos xx

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