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The plaque comemorating the maricle that occured at this church during Hurricane...

Victory Praise and Worship sign borard in front of the church.

Side of the church building and classroom area.

Pastor Myron and Carol's home that we remodeled for them.

Another view of the pastor's home. Two houses down from the church...

Victory Praise and Worship church building.

Behind the church building is a very large gym and recreation area...

Pastors Myron and Carol with Rita and I.

Beach and highway along Boluxi where Hurricane Katrina came ashore over 4...

Sunset over the gulf in Mississippi.

Another view down the beach highway in Boluxi.

On our way west while we were traveling through Mississippi I wanted to visit the church where I had worked in Pascagoula as a volunteer after Hurricane Katrina. We camped at a site in Boluxi about 10 miles from there so Rita and I went to visit the church that Sunday. We located the church and were greeted by Carol Harriston, Pastor Myron's wife right away. She remembered me out of all of the people who had come to work on the destruction reaped in the area by the hurricane. Many Nazarene and other churches used their church building as their base as they worked on various projects in the area. They have a massive gym and recreation area next to the church which was an ideal place for large groups to stay. It served as a dorm with a large group kitchen, dining area, rest rooms and shower areas. Our group stayed and rebuilt a house close to the church for Pastor Myron and Carol. We started by doing a lot of demolition to the interior. We completely gutted the inside of the house. The more we took out the more we realized that there needed to be more work that we had planned at the beginning. Besides a lot of damage from the hurricane flood waters, there was also a lots of termite damage. We had to replace all interior walls as well as replace many studs in the walls on the outside walls destroyed by termites. Our group got the interior wood repaired and ready for drywall. We also replaced all the windows with new nylon and the front door. We took off all of the exterior asbestos siding and resided the house with T111 and painted and trimmed it. I was responsible for re-roofing the house. We repaired as much damage as we could caused by the hurricane winds and rotten wood. We re-papered the roof and recovered the entire roof with 3 tab 30 year roofing. I had two women on my crew that did a fantastic job on their first experience at roofing. They especially enjoyed laying the shingles with the air driven nail gun. The biggest problem I had with their enthusiasm was keeping their line straight. They get to laying shingles, nailing and talking and not keep a real good eye on their line. I would come by and remind them to follow the line so the it wouldn't look like ocean waves from the ground. They managed to do a fine job anyway.

Rita and I went to the Sunday school which Carol taught and then the worship service that followed lead by Pastor Myron. There wasn't a very large congregation, but we were lively. Pastor Myron tends toward the pentecostal, lively spirited music and preaching. An old fashion African American style with lots of Amens, Hallelujahs, and Praises. He expects responses from his congregation when he addresses them. Rita and I were the minority but we well accepted and felt the love of God in that small group. We went to dinner with Pastor Myron, Carol, and a friend after church in Boluxi. They are having their struggles with such a small congregation. Myron is considering going back to school and pursuing a career as a Bible teacher.

From Mississippi our next stop is Louisiana.

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