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foggy beach

picnic in fog


new bus


pelican on post


dogs on beach

San Jose beach

view from beach


view from jetty


fishing dog

jetty boat

light from lighthouse



enjoying the park

The weather here was not ideal my first week. See how foggy

but as you can see in this one, it doesn't stop the fun.

we finally got a day of sunshine though and I headed to town on the trolley. They have new buses this year

and the routes have changed a little but they still pick up right here at the park and the drivers are still as friendly and helpful as they were last year. I walked around the town park (Roberts Point) for a while looking for dolphins. They weren't playing here this day but I did see this handsome fellow

Lots of people were out enjoying the day like these folks

Some were fishing, of course, from this pier

And as you get off the ferry, this is your first sight of this lovely little town

There is a small museum here which I decided to visit. It is mostly photos explaining the history of the jetties and how they were built to stop the movement of the sea. The did have this one artifact on display. the lamp from a former lighthouse, no longer used or necessary.

Today, I went to a local island named San Jose, or St Jo, as the locals call it. It is tiny and uninhabited, not a building of any kind, not a table, or a bench or even a port-a-potty. We left from fisherman's wharf and it's just a short boat ride, just time to relax

. This fellow was guarding the harbor entrance

Lots of people go out out there to fish, like these men.

The beach was very wide and undisturbed, but disappointingly full of trash.

There were lots more seashells there which is the reason I went out and I was able to get a few nice unbroken ones and an unbroken sand dollar as well. These dogs had a good time also

This is the view of the south jetty back in town

I thought this was interesting, but I'm not sure what it represents.

There were names on them, so maybe there was a boating accident or some other kind of drowning here. After enjoying a nice lunch which I had brought along, I walked backed along the jetty and was able to see a few dolphins cavorting around. Don't know how well they show up here.

Walked a little further and chatted with a few people fishing. This guy's "mom" said he was fishing also.

I didn't see him catch anything, but you never know. After a couple hours, the boat came back

and I made my way home in time for dime bingo at the rec hall. It's forecasted to get quite chilly on Friday so I plan to head to Corpus to the aquarium.

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