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Hello again!

Starting from the 24th, we got up at 9.30am to get ready for the Robinson Island at 11am. We brought this instead of the Beachcomber because we thought it would be a better experience.

It started at 10 to 11 where we got picked up and taken towards Natadola Beach. We got into a boat to the island and it took around 20 minutes. We got to the dorm, which had around 20 beds in it! The most weve seen so far. And were shown the showers. It was proper island style, where we had to use one bucket to fill up another bucket with a shower head on it!

Nick managed to catch the boat to go snorkelling, where David missed it and waited around on the beach until he came back. We then went for a walk along the beach and it only takes about 20 minutes to walk around the island. After that, we just dossed around by the beach and the pool.

We then got into the showers, and it isnt as cold as we thought it would be. We then got ready for the meal and headed down. After eating, we had to play the games that Lex (the organiser) had put together. The first was like on the fiji experience, carrot between the legs and kiwi between the chin and you had to pass it along. Nicks team won but Davids team lost. Next was spinning on a pole with your head, and that made you exteremly dizzy. Nobody won that, the kavaholics won it!

We then had to do a Kava ceremony, as much as we didnt want to. We were made chief and spokesman, ahh! This followed onto the next day (which we will explain later). We were now named the islanders, because we were staying on the island with the fijians. We wernt just day trippers! We then all went to the bonfire and played a few games with the Diving instructor, Andy.

Monday was by far the better day on the island. Straight at the start of the morning, Lex and one of his mates showed us both how to get a coconut from a coconut tree. Trust me, there harder to climb than you think! After this, we were shown how to weave. Nick gave up and went and took photos of the island, but David managed to weave around half of his leaves. After this, we all went and played volleyball and David, Nick, Lex and another kavaholic won! As we said before, the fijians are so amazing at Volleyball. Lex actually used to play for Fiji!

We then went for a dip in the sea, and these fish would just come and sit around you! The fijians called them Scavengers because they eat just about anything! We then grabbed lunch and David got involved in a little dancing ceremony.

Around 2pm, Lex and Vetu came up to us both and said we had been nominated to dress up as some of the tribe people, chief and spokesman. We took the offer. When they dressed us up, we had to do another traditional sevu sevu ceremony, and it was quite a good experience to be dressed as a tribe person.

We then went for a little Kayak around the island before dinner. When it got to dinner, all of the fijians performed a show with women dancing and the men playing with fire! We then all had a dance in the disco to end the night with the kavaholics!

Today (Tuesday) we got packed up by 11am to leave at 11.30..but didnt actually go till 1pm. We know now the meaning of Fiji time! Nick managed to get a massage in though and said it was amazing! This was one of the first days it actually started raining in Fiji, and it comes down pretty hard!

Were now back at Nadi Bay and getting ready to leave for New Zealand tomorrow! It was awesome here, and we will let you know about NZ soon! Vinaka and goodbye!

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