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Hello to all again.

Following the second night, we had a big meal at the hotel for Cams birthday. At the end we all got him a cake, but it was a tiny little peice, so we didnt get any! We finished the night by having a big Kava ceremony, of about 7 cup fulls each, and a boogie on the dancefloor!

It then gets to the 22nd. We all got up early again and left Uprising hotel around 9am. The start of the day was a bit boring. We had a long 1 hour bush journey to Suva, the capital of the Country. We had a tour around the city in the bus, but it wasnt too exciting because there was no Aircon, and everybody was melting!! We then had another 1 hour trip to another village, again, with no Aircon. So by this time everybody was sweating!

Once we got here though, we all had to put our sorongs on again and we all had a proper sevusevu ceremony. Lads sat with crossed legs and girls had them to the side. They spoke in fijian, and then the Chief (Stuart) and the spokesman (Gary) had to drink the cups of Kava to allow the ceremony to go on. After the ceremony, the girls got to Weave their own rings, when the boys had to drink all of the Kava. We were both getting sick of Kava by this time, as it makes you so sleepy! We left the village after having a short game of volleyball with the kids. We couldnt do Billibilli rafting because the water was too high and dirty, so we had to wait to do Kayaking when we got to our next hotel.

The next hotel was around an hour and a half away, but we luckily had a bit of Aircon by this time! There was a bit of a debate on the bus because one of the people with us (Steve) got hit on the head with a rock by a kid. The majority of people found it amusing, but Steve wasnt happy!! We got to our next hotel, the Volivoli beach hotel. We all checked in and went down to the beach to do Kayaking.

David, Gary, Beacky and Steve were on 1 team, against Nick, Sarajane and 2 other kids. Nicks team ended up winning in the end! Then we both thought we could win against Gary and Steve, so we challenged them to a Kayak race. First to the Buoy and back. We both lost misserabley, and we cheated (we didnt even go round the Buoy)!

It then went onto Volleyball. Most of the girls went up to Sunbathe, but the lads hit the pitch! We were both on eachothers team with Cam and Bubbles against Steve, Sarah, Minnie and Gary. After so many games, our team won in the end! Its amazing how good the fijians are at volleyball though!

We then went up to the pool where we teamed up with Gary to beat the fijians at a bit of pool volleyball. After about an hour of playing it, it was made so obvious that we wern't going to win because we were hardly touching the ball. Just jumping all over the place which made us soooo nackered! After that, we all hit the showers and got ready for the final meal at 8pm.

We all sat down and finished our meals around 9. Before the people at Volivoli arranged our games, we all played our own drinking games. We were shown eye popping, which 1 pop means you go to the next person, 2 pops means you skip a person and a long pop means you change direction. That got people necking a few drinks! It then went onto claps which is too confusing to explain!! Then we went onto the organised games!

The first one was a game of pass the bottle through the knees. For example, if a person had it in their knees, you need to get your knees to take it from their knees. Confusion!! It was Nick, Steve, Stuart, Sarah, Sarajane and Gary against David, Laura, Shinade, Becky, Lou and Geo. Nicks team won that one! It then went onto a ball over and under! You had to be really loud when you were playing this one, because the team that shouted most, won! Davids team won this one! It then went onto the decider! It was bottles through the knee, fruit passed from the neck. In the end, Davids team ended up winning and Nick and the guys all had to do a Dance to Kylie Minogue on a table, infront of every single hotel guest!

The next challange was to make a pyramid! We didnt get anything for it, but it was just a good laugh! The next game was the hardest! You had to pick a partner, Nick with Lou and David with Becky and keep the coke bottle in the right position. It included, knees to knees, bums to bums, shoulders to shoulders, head to head, lips to lips and neck to neck. Nick went out in the head round and David went out in the lips round. We just missed semi-finals! It then went onto a position round, where i teamed up with Nick. You had to do any poistion the people said, and me and Nick went out in the quarter-finals!!

We then went back to the games of eye popping and learnt a similar one called yee-haw, where you have to be loud! Everbody got very drunk! David went to bed around 1am because he was so drunk and Nick got in with some of the others at 3am!

The next morning, we woke up around 11am to find David had been bed bug bitten!! He had bites everywhere and they were so itchy. When we got into the local town, we had to say goodbye to Sarah, Stuart, Steve and Laura. Laura had a little cry bless her! The rest of us carried on to the curry house where we made our own pitta bread. Me and Nick got the big time giggles over Sarajane. Becky asked her "what are you eating?" and Sara replied with "A curry". The funny thing was, everyone was eating a curry? Around 3pm we got to the Hotpools but we wernt allowed to go in because they were absolutley scorching. Cam said they reached around 60 degrees! Around 5pm, we got back into Nadi and went to the local orphanage. We met all the kids and both of us had to get fruits down from a tree for the kids because they wanted them! David met Baby David aswell, who had the same name and the same kind of top on!!

We headed back to Nadi Bay hotel around 6pm where we all got ready for the final meal and final farewell. We all said the last goodbyes at 11pm and that was the end of 1 journey!!

That was the end of the experience, and it was a damn good one!

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