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Sitting in an internet cafe with the world´s worst connection so I have no idea whether this will work. Just managed to have a chat with Mum, Norna and Roger on Skype. We could see each other on webcam but there was a ten second lag which was quite disconcerting.

I got up late today as it is extremely hot and I went to bed at around five. Things happen unbelievably late here, people don´t eat until at least ten so the night life doesn´t kick off until around two in the morning, it´s fairly exhausting!

This week I volunteered at La Union and La Ferrere (both ´villas´or slums on the outskirts of BA). We had a birthday party at La Union which LIFE hold for all the kids who have a birthday that months. It is totally hectic with balloons and face painting and then we have cake and presents (at this point a lot of children suddenly appear out of the woodwork!). But I really loved the time I spent at La Ferrere. It is a complete mission to get to, about a three hour round trip on different local buses. The area is very rural and there are horses wandering the streets, but the comedor (the centre that we work with) is run by a lovely family who really care about the children. I did English and French with them. At first I really struggled, it was my first time teaching and I had no idea what to do. But once I got into it I loved it, some of the children were so desperate to learn. I taught the colours, numbers and days of the week in French to one boy, Marcos, and he was so bright. It was incredibly satisfying when he asked if I would come back to do more with him next week (my only worry is that my French isn´t really up to the job!).

Last night was Georgie and Izzie´s last night so I met them at Millhouse which has a reputation of being the party hostel (phil, sol, al we are for sure staying there when you arrive). We were there for ages and then went on to Lost, another huuuge club.

I´m going to go and grab some lunch as I´m starving and then I´m volunteering this afternoon at El Ejercito.

love love love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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