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Hey to all! Its is the 21st in Fiji today and again, its a new entry! This is the second day of fiji expereince and were going to take you through both days.

After crashing out a 9pm on the 19th, we had to get up at 6am to get ready to be picked up for the fiji experience bus at 8am. We were picked up at 8.10am (because of fiji time, which means if you say 8, they usually mean about 9, because there so laid back) and met Cam, our tour guide and Paps, our bus driver. We had a small group of 10 on the bus, and the fun began!

We started off by going into Nadi Market where we stocked up on water and David brought his first ever pair of sandels! Nick was so proud! However, when we got back to the bus, it wouldnt start up and had no air con haha. So we had to wait around for a second bus to arrive. We got talking to a nice couple, Stuart and Sarah.

We got the new bus and headed to Natadola beach, 7th highest ranked beach in the world! We got here about 11am and soon went off for a swim in the sea. We had a bbq on the beach and soon got friendly with Laura and Becky aswell. Laura was acting like both of our mums and kept telling us to put sun cream on (shes italian). We went back into the sea after because the 2nd bus broke down! And we had to wait for the first one, which had just been fixed. All the lads ended up playing a game of sea volleyball!

The bus soon came around 3pm and we headed off the Malomalo village. We had to wear sorongs (a kind of dress thing) to show respect for the village. We met the chief of the village, who was happily relaxing, and Cam told us many stories. He told us about Kava, which is a mouth numbing/sleepy drink that they all drink and it is drunk by the Chief and the Spokesperson first before it goes to other people. Once the bowl has been filled with the drink, you cannot leave until the whole bowl has been finished. He also said how Kava takes 7 years to grow! Then he went on about the chief, and how you can only become a chief if you are from a chiefly family (confusing)! The chief is part of the government and there is only 14 chiefs in the whole of fiji. The chief will not work, and all of the village people will bring his food/clothes etc. A lady can also be a chief, but ends when she is married or in a relationship. He then went on to finish with Cannibalish. Fiji used to be a cannibal country until 1863. They used to kill people who used to do crimes and either make the person eat themself, or they would have their head cut off and then the rest of the body eaten. Villages would fight with eachother and the losing village would either be buried alive or eaten alive! After all these head filling stories, we went and had a look around the village. And everybody was so friendly!

We moved on around 5pm to the Sagatoka sand dunes, where..its all in the title! We went down 80 foot sand dunes on some body boards, and damn they were a laugh.

We got to Mango Bay hotel around 7pm where we had tea at 8, and had trivia at the same time. We were both in the same team, and we were called the Fiji Muda Suckas (which means "i finished it all")! We ended up coming second! We ended up having another Kava ceremony and then a bonfire where we had a few drinks and played shirards!

A few other words we learnt are- Bula= Hello/Bless You. Vanaka= Thank you. Oui= Yes. And thats as far as we got!

Now were on the second day of the tour, which is today! We got up at 6am again because we had to have breakfast and left at 8am. We hopped on the bus and sang Happy Birthday to Cam. Tonight were getting him cake and going to get him drunk as a fart!!

We had a 45 minute journey to the Hamoisi Highlands. We started in a 4x4 which took us into the jungle. We then had a 40-45 minute trek where we saw Fiji's famous Shark Fin mountain. We eventually got to the destination, the Hamoisi Waterfall! Nick was in Heaven! We climbed right to the top of it (it came in 3 levels) where people were jumping into the plunge pool. Nick plucked up the courage to do a dive into the pool, and Dave managed a back flip..but landed wrong! At the time, we discovered Nick must have about..20 bites? The mossies love him! After about an hour at the Waterfall, we went through loads of swamps! They were such a laugh, both of us got sucked into the swamp and it came up to our waists. It was such a struggle getting out, and such a laugh aswell! That took about half hour aswell, and we came out filthy! Thats why Nick is doing the washing tomorrow!! It then finished with a boat trip through the jungle river before heading back on the bus.

We got to the next hotel, the Uprising Hotel. We were shown our dorms and had a few games of Pool. We weaved our own wristbands and then the lads had a few games of football.

We're now getting ready for dinner, and we're all playing drinking games tonight, so ready to get smashed haha (for Cams birthday). You'll hear from us in a few days time, and we will try and upload some photos! Byeee!

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