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We're trying to sort out the uploading issue so as soon as we can we'll upload pics =)

Hello all, we've been away for a while but only cause of technical problems. We were in Bali and i had written a TON of stuff going back to just before New Years in Thailand when the computer took a dive on us. But that's not the worst part, I had our new camera hooked up to the computer and it seems ERASED everything =( I wanted to kill the internet guy but it wasn't his fault so what could we do. Basically everything from just before New Years in Thailand to getting stuck at the Thai-Malaysian border and most of Bali was erased =( I will buy a new SD card and when i get home i'll try and see if i can get the images back, if anyone knows of any data retrieval places please let us know. The good thing is that just before we left Thailand we had our friend MARC copy everything onto his computer =) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. So that means the only thing we lost really is the border deal and Bali, unless we can get it back somehow. Bali is pretty cool and reminds us quite a bit of small towns in Mexico.

From what I remember as a child it looks quite a bit like Guanajuato. Kuta which is where we arrived to is not that nice. Lots of bars, clubs, shops and a HUGE beach. The beach was nice but that's about it. It completely caters to tourist and is void of any culture whatsoever. We decided to take a whitewater rafting tour and MAN WAS IT FUN. We took tons of pics which if we can get them back we'll show. It's funny cause at the beginning of the day it was hot and sunny and somewhere in the middle of the almost three hour ride it got real dark and then not only rain but a MONSOON came down on us. So we're going down the river getting wet from both the top and bottom. We stopped at this waterfall and we both got into the waterfall and took pics, it was fun. If you've ever seen the old "Land of the lost" show, the opening credits where the people are going down a river in the middle of the jungle, well that's what it looked like out there. The entire time we were surrounded by lush green jungle that opened up only for the occasional rice patty. The highlight of the rafting comes at the end where we go over a 4 meter waterfall. The guide tells caro and me to lay down, (oh by the way, we got lucky in that we were in a small raft just caro me and the guide) so anyway im in the front and caro is behind me with the guide in the back. So we lay down and I wont lie it was pretty scary coming up to the edge of the waterfall, not only the height but the sound of the water below. So over the fall we go and the only thing i'm concerned with is keeping the camera safe CAUSE I WAS RECORDING, i wanted to get a great video so it never occurred to me to HOLD ON. So we go over (VIDEO ROLLING) and as we hit the bottom i suddenly find myself up in the air and not knowing what's happening. By the time i come back down i'm no longer in the front of the raft but sitting right next to caro. As the raft came down i flew in the air, did a 360 flip and landed next to caro. HOLLY SHIT it was scary, for a second i was waiting to land in the water and be swept down river but luckily landed back in the boat. All three of us were laughing hysterically and the people gathered around the river all gave me thumbs up and high fives for my stunt =) I really hope we can retrieve the info from that card cause the video was pretty cool =) We'll have to see when we get home. SO anyway, the next day we did a mountain bike tour from the top of Bali up by the volcanoes down to the town of UBUD. Again we took some pretty cool pics and videos that we hope we can share with you later. It was a 40 km ride mostly down hill through small towns and villages. Every time we passed a school all the children would gather close to the fence and wave at us =) It would rain on and off but it was so hat that it felt good, somewhere near the end i was riding in the back of the pack when i saw a black chicken on the side of the road. For some reason I thought, if this chicken decided to jump out i'm gonna hit it and eat it. And wouldn't you know it, stupid suicidal chicken jumps out and all i could do was hold on and try and not fall. I hit the chicken, he went flying off to the left and I PRAYED. He did a few cart wheels, lost a few feathers and my bike wobbled but i gained control and kept riding =) Stupid Chicken! At the end of our bike ride we decided not to go back to Kuta but to stay in UBUD. Man UBUD is nice, we tried so hard to change our exit ticket to one week later but were unable =( If you've ever been to Santa Barbara, Carmel or Laguna Beach UBUD is a mixture of them, Old, small and full of arts and crafts. But anyway we left and landed in Darwin Australia where unfortunately they took our blow guns away =( We got some blow guns from the tribe we visited at the Taman Negara national park and had taken them into and out of several countries and never had a problem. But Australia thinks of them as WEAPONS, come on get a life!!! We tried to argue but they still took them from us =( They were possibly THE COOLEST gift we'd bought on this trip and now it's gone =( Oh and then they proceeded to tell me I was RANDOMLY selected to be tested for explosives. And the guy tells me this as if i'd won a prize or something, punks. They tested my hands pockets and bags with this machine that determines if i'd handled explosives, whatever. WE make our way down to Sydney and our friend Matt who we met through Couch Surfing =) Woooooo WHooooooo. Mat and his friends were cool, we drank lots of beer and got to see the city, good times =) We've written about Sydney so i'll jump now to Brisbane. We're staying at my uncles brothers house =) We've gone into the city and checked out the museum and went to the famous Australia Zoo home of the Crocodile Hunter =) Gabo and Irma live on the outskirts of Brisbane and from here to the Zoo is a good hour and a half which we did by train and bus. During our Zoo visit we got to pet KOALAS, KANGAROOS, and we even made eye contact with a TAZMANIAN DEVIL... It was about 100 degrees at the ZOO and lucky for us there were about 70 tourist at the ZOO. =)

Caro's Recipe for Survival:

1. Remove Mold from the Bread.

2.Take Chips and place them in between bread.

3. Steal Ketchup/Mayo from your nearest burger stand and WAHLA you've got yourself an exquisite Survival Sandwich.

And of course to avoid CHOCKING:

Find a Public Toilet and Drink H20 out of the faucet.. MMM YUMMY!!!




En Español:

Estamos tratando de areglar el asunto de las fotos asi que en cuanto podamos las ponemos =)

Que creen que nos sucedio?? Pues la mendiga camara/computadora cualquiera de las dos borro nuestras fotos que teniamos de Tailandia e Bali. Estabamos super enojados pero pues nimodo que se podia hacer. Andabamos de locos Fer y yo y se nos occurrio ir White Water Rafting/ nos paseamos en unos Tubos Flotantes en el Rio de Bali. Y estaba la corriente medio fuerte.

En varios instantes el tubo se quedo atrapado entre medio de las rocas pero gracias a nuestro guia que nos estaba ayudando a remar. Estaba haciendo Calor a lo que me acuerdo el Sol se veia muy brillante hasta que cayo un AguaCero de la Fregada. Estaba lloviendo super pero super fuerte y estabamos empapados. Nos Paramos en una cascada y nos dimos un baño rapido. Bueno voy a confesar que por mientras estaba yo sola debajo de la cascada pues me dieron ganas de hacer PIPIS y pues deje que la Naturaleza saliera de mis riñones. haha Fue tan linda la experiencia porke por mientras Fer me estaba grabando yo debajo de la cascada me estaba haciendo PIPIS =)

Bueno seguimos en el rio y el ultimo obstaculo fue una caida/cascada de 4 metros y Nuestro GUia nos Advirtio que nos agarramos fuerte de las agarraderas del Tubo. Y Fer andaba en otro mundo grabando el paisaje y claro la cascada. Cuando de repente caimos 4 metros y yo lo vi a Fer VOLAR se dio una marometa que me vino cayendo en seguida de mi y yo hiba atras del Tubo. No nos podiamos parar de reir porke andaba Fer de Acrobata.

Y seguimos con nuestras Aventuras, decidimos rentar unas bicicletas y pasearnos por Bali. Andubimos en las Bicicletas todo el dia y recorrimos 40 kilometros. Claro todo era de bajadita si no yo hubiera ido. El paisaje era por los PUeblitos de Bali. Donde se veian las Casas Antiguas al estilo Balinese. (Despues les enseñamos fotos de las Casas)

Hibamos muy tranquilamente paseandonos cuando una Mentada Gallina Negra se la atraviesa a Fer y la Atropeyo. Yo lo se, fue muy triste pero la Mendiga Gallina sobrevivio y se fue Semi-Volando la Pobre a su Gallinero.

Bueno ahora si Andamos en Australia primero llegamos a Sydney donde no la pasamos Tomando Coronas con nuestro compañero Matt) bueno fueron 2 dias de pachanga pero pues aunque no lo crean estamos desacostumbrados a tomar. Despues de Sydney nos subimos al tren y recorrimos 14 horas de 4pm-6am (con solo dos horas de dormir) y llegamos a Brisbane con Irma y Gabriel. Y aqui estamos muy bien alimentados y relajandonos que ya nos hacia falta el RELAX porke aunque no lo crean el andar viajando lo cansa a uno fisicamente y mentalmente.

Se acuerdan de el Señor Steve Irwin El Crocodile Hunter (que fallesio porke una Mantaraya lo mato) Bueno su programa de television fue y todavia es muy famoso. Pues Steve que en paz descanse tiene su Zoologico. Y por primera vez en mi Vida fui a un Zologico =) Nos toco ver a Koalas, Kanguros, y por supuesto a los Cocodrilotototes.

=) Nuestra proxima parada sera en Surfers Paradise.

La receta de Caro para sobrevivir de Mochilera =)

1. Quitarle al pan todo lo Verde que se le pega.

2. Agarrar sabritas de la bolsa y ponerlas entre medio del pan.

3. Robarse unos cuantos paquetitos de Catsup/Mayonesa del McDonald's. Y WUALA ahy lo tienen un delicioso Sandwich al estilo Caro =)

Para Prevenir un Accidente se debe tomar fluidos del baño Publico. Osea la Agua del Lavamanos =)

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