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Beachcomber Island

Last day with a beard

Fiji - Our late evening arrival into Fiji brought no relief from heat and humidity. It is simply the way. We did have the luxury of air con the first night on the main island. The following day had us on a fast cat ferry headed out to Beachcomber island for 3 days of nothing but sun and sand. The island is one of the less expensive resorts with a large dorm sleeping 100 and several smaller huts. It was well staffed and very chill. A walk around the perimeter took no more than five minutes. The interior was nicely shaded and housed guests, staff, a 9 hole mini-golf course, "hot tub" (more like filtered ocean water), and the bar and dining room. It was a great place to spend a few days, however neither of us could imagine spending two weeks there as some do. The water was clear and the perfect temp for a swim at any time. In getting away from the shore it was not uncommon to swim through invisible sea lice that stung the skin. It was mostly uncomfortable, not harmful, but made snorkeling less fun. The coral around the island was not quite as spectacular as the Great Barrier Reef. Grand meals were served at 9, 1 and 7. The food was well prepared and very tasty. The beer in Fiji was also very nice. Our departure day found us with time to spend in Nadi before our 10pm flight so we caught an Indi Film in a very comfortable theater and then caught a bus for 70 cents each to the airport. The flight home was uneventful and quite comfortable as we had 3 seats to share. Spent the first night back with Dave Jorris in Huntington Beach and made our way to Berkeley the next. That was the last day for Ryan's beard. Jay's stayed until his arrival to SD some days later. Thanks to all for following along on the trip. We have more photos and stories to share as we see you.

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