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The view from the plane

Not the most exciting Picture, but its Thule Bay!

The Anchor chain

Me at 'little' river during my walk in Rakiura nataional park

Maori Beach, Rakiura park

Another Beach in the park

Sunset over halfmoon bay in Oban (Stewart Island's 'Capital')

Hi guys, made it ta Stewart Island yesterday afternoon. It is quite remote, no mobile phone signal and no CD drives on internet computers so you'll have to wait til I'm back in civilisation to get more piccies to view!!


Have uploaded the pictures now and feel I should maybe explain about the significance of the anchor chain. It's legend that a Maori (I forget his name) was out fishing in his 'South Island' boat, he caught and reeled up the 'North Island' fish, Stewart Island is the anchor of his boat.

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