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Sorry its been a while!

I'm having to write about the Pehrentians from KL as there wasn't really any net access on the islands. I took a night bus from Penang to Kota Bahru city on east coast of Malaysia and went straight to the 'Ideal House' hostel, a lady in Penang recommended me. I got myself a ferry ticket and took a taxi to the harbour at 9am. The Pehrentians are really cool - made up of two main islands - Besar (the big, quiet one) and Kecil which is where all the backpackers go. Most of the accomodation comprises of a-frame beach huts. Very simple and not fun when it rains! I went straight to Long Beach on Kecil, got myself a beach hut and spent 3 days sunbathing, reading my outstanding book and drinking mars bar milkshakes :-)

Most of the other buildings on Long Beach are dive shops. I booked a dive on the 5th to a place called Pinnacle, a short boat ride off the beach. My divemaster was Julie - another lady from Reading funly enough. The visibilty wasnt that impressive, but I saw some great stuff. Rays, a bamboo shark and my first banded sea snake! Lots of big puffers and some triggerfish. I still had the remains of my cold and shouldnt really have gone. I learnt the hard way in the end and decided not to do another one! I took a water taxi over to Besar the next day and booked into a rather nice chalet. This Island was totally dead except for a bunch of screaming Chinese tour groups.

The beaches on both Islands are stunning - almost as good as the Similans. The water is crystal clear for miles out and I think i got a little too lazy in the end! I had a great few days and if I coiuld have stayed longer i would have done some trekking there. I ran out of time though, went back to Kota Bahru on the 7th and booked my bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur.

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