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Been a tad airborne the last week and a half, having scampered merrily around bits of Sweden and Norway in a kinda funky order. So for the sake of my sanity, the top ten lessons to be learned are:

1) Never trust a Norwegian when he says *This beer won't give you a hangover.*

2) When skipping merrily into the woods at 12.30 at night with a bottle of vodka, a camera, and a couple of torches be aware that you may not return till 2am.

3) When clubbing in Stockholm, it's advisable to travel with a brunette, so you can find them easily in the event of emergency.

4) Kebab pizza = GOD

5) The technical know-how amassed in the Tap production field is massive.

6) Walking on frozen rivers is kinda cool, even if it may cause much in the way of schizophrenic nervousness.

7) Varse-Gut is not very good, it's there you go, so there!

8) Sledging runs are best attempted on sledges - not so great on your arse.

9) It's easily possible to spend $40 on a burger and a beer in Norway.

10) Cheese slicing devices are not a wholly Swedish novelty.

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