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Hey there all, to our..second/third entry. The first in Fiji.

We left LA at 10pm to arrive in Nadi at 5.30am (local time). We hit quite bad turbulance on the way, but we survived! We got into Nadi Bay hotel at 6.30am and were staying in the Hibiscus Dorm. It isnt too bad as you can see from the pictures.

The fijian ladies love us because were blonde and always say "hello boys" haha. The lady at reception got us a taxi to take us into town around 10ish. We went in and say the Sri Suva Temple, which was quite cool. Although we did walk in with our shoes on, which your not supposed to, and got told off haha. Then if that wasnt bad enough, walked into a praying ceremony and got told off..opps!

We started walking back to the hotel and some blokes came and pulled us away into their shops. They told us to take our shoes off and sat us down on a mat. They called it the Kava ceremony! Here, we have to say Ola to one another and drink one of their cultures drink, which numbs your mouth! We had a slight chat with them and they advised us what to do when we were here and what to see. We are now apparently a part of Fiji, because your not part of Fiji, untill you tried that drink!!

We dossed around the pool for most of the day where we met up with an ace backpacker called Tom, and then joined by Ellen and Sarah. Tom taught both of us how to Backflip, so theres an achievement of the day!!

Weve both now showered and off for a meal at the local Indian with Tom, Ellen and Sarah. Were already on the booze haha and got ourselves a jug to share out!

We start the Hula Loop tomorrow, so probably wont be updating for a few days. But we got sandboarding, jet boating and much much more to come, so we will let you know what happens on the Hula Loop once its been done!! See you all then!!

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