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Hey all, were trying to kill 4 hours so making an entry.

Were in LA at the moment after an 11 hour flight, where Nick spent most of his time chatting up Mrs.Kazhakstan. She tryed to talk to us, bless her, but suprisingly we didnt have a clue.

Passed over Iceland and Greenland and some cool snow things, which David was fascinated about! Tryed to see Las Vegas, but weather was so cloudy.

Were waiting for our flight at 9pm (LA time) to get into Fiji for about 5am (Fiji time). David just ate a grubby american Mcdonalds and nick..watched in disgust and decided to starve!

Anyway, we dont have much more time on the internet, so tara for now and try to update you all what happens in Fiji!! Byye!!

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