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Baby iguana

Kylan with Roxy

Kylan with baby iguanas

Dad with baby iguanas

Another adventure we had when we were in the jungle was going to Xunantunich and Cahal Pech, 2 more Mayan ruins, and the green iguana exhibit. One of the ruins had a lot of tunnels to explore, and the other ruins had a lot of climbing.

At the green iguana exhibit we met three iguanas that had names. The names were Gomez, Roxy, and George the aggressive one. Gomez and Roxy were really gently and we got to pet Gomez and hold Roxy. Roxy sat on my shoulder.

The baby iguanas were awesome! I had 7 iguanas on me! My dad had 6 iguanas on him. My brother had 5 on him, and my mom only held the smallest one! At the green iguana exhibit they raise the iguanas until they are about 5 feet long from head to tip of the tail, then

release them in the wild. They need to protect them because people eat the eggs and they are in danger of becoming extinct.

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