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El Castillo


El Castillo Stone Carving



Shawn, Kari, and Roxy

Jasper and Roxy

Kylan with baby iguanas

Shawn with baby iguanas

Another adventure during our jungle stay was to visit a couple of the Belizian Mayan ruins. Much smaller than Tikal, these sites were still very interesting and different from one another. These small Mayan sites are scattered all throughout this region of Belize, many of them still not excavated. We visited the oldest site in Belize, which dates back to 1300 BC.

After touring the ruins we visited the green iguana exhibit. In this program the staff collect and hatch iguana eggs, and raise the iguanas until they are past their vulnerable age to preserve the species. There we (or some of us) got close and personal with the iguanas!

Gomez, the large and dominant male of the group of iguanas in captivity, was very gentle and friendly. Roxy, a smaller female iguana, was also very content to hang out with (or on) us. But the babies were the coolest! These little guys clung all over Shawn, Jasper, and Kylan. Kari was only brave enough to hold one of the smallest and youngest in her hand! But they were so cute! This event was definitely a highlight!

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