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Owl butterfly

Transparent butterflies

Green butterfly

Kylan and butterfly

Big blue butterfly

Barton Creek Cave

Cave entry

Bat in cave

During our stay at the jungle lodge, we booked a tour to go to Barton Creek, the cave canoeing adventure. On the way there, we stopped at a butterfly ranch to see the Belizian butterflies and their life cycle. Some of the biggest butterflies were the size of my hand. We had them flying all around us and one landed on my chest, my neck, and my brother's head. My favorite were the glass butterflies, which have see-through wings. It was very cool!

When we got to the cave, we saw a sad little spider monkey that somebody owned and had tied up. Poor little guy. In the cave we used powerful flashlights to help us see in the darkness. The cave was used by the Mayans about 1300 years ago and they had sacrificing rituals and lived in the cave. We saw a child's skull and some pottery that was stuck in the limestone formations in the cave.

The cave was full of stalactites and stalagmites. I can't remember the difference. In some places the roof was so low we had to duck our heads, and in other places it was about 60 feet high. The only creatures we saw in the cave were small bats. Deep in the cave we turned off all of the flashlights and had a cave meditation in the pitch dark. It was a cool experience!

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