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Owl butterfly

Glass butterflies

Green butterfly

Kylan with butterfly

Blue butterfly

Barton Creek Cave

Cave entry

Cave exit

One of our day trip adventures while staying in the jungle was cave canoeing. The road on the way to the cave was a rough and bumpy dirt road through the jungle and small scattered villages - an adventure in itself! On the way to the cave we stopped at a butterfly ranch and enjoyed the magical experience of walking among hundreds of

beautiful butterflies! There were 12 different species all together, and because they are "domesticated" they were not afraid to fly near and land on us.

Also on the way to the caves we passed through a huge orange orchard and saw a semi truck full of hand picked oranges being loaded for export. Next we passed through a Menonite farming community. We passed horse-drawn carriages on the narrow dirt road and it was very interesting to see the Menonite people dressed in their traditional clothing and witness their day to day activities. The Menonite people do not like to be photographed so we couldn't capture this on camera, but it was very cool!

The canoe tour took us into Barton Creek cave, a 7 mile long cave that was used by the Maya people about 1300 years ago. We travelled about a mile into the cave by canoe. Using powerful headlamps we saw the beautiful limestone stalactite and stalagmite formations in the cave, as well as a human skull and several pottery jars and fragments left by the Maya. The darkness and the echoing sound of water in the cave made it a peaceful trip. We also spotted several small bats clinging to the sides of the cave and flying here and there.

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