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Today we took the Bus to Melaka Malaysia. We had booked the bus the day we arrived in Singapore. The travel agencies in Sinagpore at a special center all bargained on the finnally we found the best price for a nice bus. It had message chairs but no bathroom..I would of taken the bathroom but the chair were nice. The border crossing was really uncrowded. I think we where the only ones at the Singapore check out and a few people at the Malaysia check in point. We did not bring our spears but safeley left them with our hotel in Singapore. The check in at the Malaysia border wanted us to show all the money we where carrying...that was a first for me. The landscape was really nice, with palm oil trees. The 4 hour journey was really relaxing. At the cental bus station we booked our bus ride to the capital KL on Friday. We also tried to buy a sim card that everyone talks about but found it not to work on the Iphone with apple. The man at the shop was really nice to precheck it for us. Too bad it would of saved us to us the phone. I can only guess that it has to do with Apples contract with ATT. Everyone else we spoke to had no problem replacing the sim card with a local one. (it fit just did not work) So far our visit in Melaka is not the best. We are a bit disappointed for the first time but will stay with the schedule. The hotel is large, local and not friendly. It is also empty. On our check in our room was not cleaned. It was just as the last person left it. Not going to go on about this hotel, because we are staying and we have found some fun ourselfs. We found a great neighborhood that is not too far to walk. If we return we will stay at DA Som Inn. The couple that owns it showed us the rooms as we drank a beer, waiting for our credit card to go through for our great Hand Painted Batik. They are both great artists and I will return today to get another piece. We meet new friends Andy and Helen. We enjoyed the evening at their hotel restaruant.

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