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We knew the weekend was going to be cold, but it looked like the storm would come in Friday and be gone by Sunday, so we figured we would have a simple towing experience. As we learned on our first trip to Tahoe, the truck/trailer combination works so well together that we were actually on-top of cars that did not know how to drive the road. I kept repeating to myself as cars got behind me “it’s not the trailer rig that is slowing everyone down!” We pulled into Zephyr around 5pm just as the snow flurries were starting.

The roads were very tight with trees strategically placed to make turning difficult, had to back the rig up to make the u-turn into our row properly. This is where we the elements started adding up: We were cold, it was snowing, we got a bit lazy, and Murphy’s Law all added up. We first got the trailer lined up and then found that the basement door was blocked by a tree. We then moved the trailer and un-hooked a second time, this is where we learned the important lesson never to raise or lower the trailer legs too far. The Trailer got stuck on the hitch, we pushed, pounded, hammered all to no avail. It was then that I got the bright idea (freezing to death get’s you one every so often) to lower the trailer onto the hitch more, and “PRESTO” the hitch let go of the pin. Now we verified that all slides, doors, and whatever else would open and then set the trailer up. Since it was going down in the low 20s that night we were advised to fill our tank and live off of it for the night. I left the water filter and hose out but covered. Even with the covers the hose froze some and worst of all, all of the hose washers on every connection leaked. What surprised me was the hose that was in the convenience center also froze; I had thought this would stay warm being part of the basement.

As you can see the pictures paint a pretty setting. The rest of the weekend was very cold, but un-eventful. The weather slowly warmed during the day to the mid 40s with wind. This is where we found that all of the glass at the rear of the trailer makes for a very cold setting, and decided a small space heater was needed to keep the back of the trailer comfortable. We went to a concert at one of the casinos on Saturday night, and on Sunday, made our first burger stop with the trailer.

I still struggle with trying to get 21’ of truck, and 33’ of trailer parked in a tight area, especially burger hole-in-the-walls like this one. But we managed to find a spot (thanks to a neighboring business being closed) and it put another feather in our towing cap.

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