Kylan's Guatemala & Belize Adventure travel blog

Crimson-collared tanager

Collared aracari

Scorpion found on jungle walk

Green iguana

Canoeing down the river

Vine snake along the river


When we got to Belize we went to the Mystic River Resort. We saw a lot of birds like the aracari, the blue-crowned motmot, and the crimson-collared tanager. We went river tubing down the river twice, and canoed down the river too. Along the river we saw a lot of green iguanas in the treetops. The iguanas go to the top of the trees so they get warm from the sun because they are cold blooded. If a predator tries to attack, they will drop into the water and they can stay under water for about 15 minutes to hide from the predator.

We also saw a vine snake in a tree along the river. It was shaped like the number 8. When we were in the restaurant of the Mystic River Resort, we saw a gigantic tarantula that was as big as my hand! It walked past our table and my brother saw it first.

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