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Having now sucessfully survived the wilds of Manchester for nearly 4 days now, it's probably time to let the internet know what we've been upto.

our first act was to catch a train to Liverpool for a day trip, we casually perused the Walker Art Gallery, and the Liverpool museam, where to be honest we mostly learnt about places other than liverpool, bt they were very good. Mueseam browsing takes time, time that soon reached the food and beer consumption point, so off we strolled. What ensued was a pub crawl across liverpool, featuring the Cavern (or at least the fake version over the road), and possibly the worst club in the world, which was fairly hilarious.

Upon returning to Manchester, half cut, stumbly, and at the wrong station, we discovered that some bastard had tipped a giant bucket of snow over it. He kept casually tossing snow everywhere overnight, resulting in around 10cm of the fluffy white stuff going into every possible crevise. Obviously, if Manchester was this snowy, the Peak District was going to be fairly artic. So we caught a train to Buxton, and spent the day stumbling through snow drifts, both in and outside of the town. We also rescued a scottish bloke (and his car) from the hienious wilds of the carpark, which was fun.

Soon enough though, darkness fell - and evil was abroad. We caught the train to Manchester, collected a couple of Sams friends, and merrily strolled down to Satans Hollow. Which was nuts - basically a alternative club, but that really doesn't do it justice - the place has a 12 ft Devil in the corner!

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