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Hola My Trip Journal Fans!!!


Remember we told you we were doing Yoga at the sanctuary.com well we left bec. we needed to catch a plane from Bali to Australia on the 10th so we figured we would leave on the 3rd to Bali so we could have time to check it out.

In the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand we bought bus tickets to Singapore (29 hour bus ride) from 6am -10am (the next day) and once in Singapore we would take a flight at 4pm to Bali. Everything was planned UNTIL....

We took a 3 hour ferry ride to Surathani (pier) a bus picked us up and drove for 1 hour and dropped us off in this small travel agency with a whole bunch of backpackers we waited for 20 minutes and then cars started showing up and asking who was going where we told them Singapore so they picked us up and drove for literally 5 minutes and dropped us off in another travel agency (only Fer and I were there this time)

Then it happened....THe mada....FU&#^)&^ke)(*&$#rs... said that the Singapore bus was sold out and there was no availability till 2 weeks from today (AHH HELL NO!!!) Fer cursed the living hell out of them... but it made no difference they said they would drop us off at the Thailand border and that was it!!!

So off we went in this extremely uncomfortable bus ride that was jammed with people standing up and sitting on the sides. We traveled for 8 hours and then a mini-van picked us up at the bus stop where we drove for another 30 minutes (really shady looking mini-van) Then he dropped us off literally in the border between THailand and Malaysia it was about 10pm now and we were exhausted.

We stayed in the border city (where according to my Lonely Planet it is not recommended to be in that area bec. of Muslim and Thai political tension, there has been bombings and terrorist attacks but we were too tired to care.

BTW We were the only tourist in the city (hmm I wonder why??)

The place was loaded with (so-called massage parlors and good looking woman in street corners)

The next day we headed off to Kuala Lumpur (9 hour bus ride) and decided to camp out in the airport. We were trying to save some cash so we grabbed our blankets and picked the best looking spot of the airport. We slept inside the airport and it was not the most comfortable place to crash since they were doing construction on the side and the noise was a bit annoying. At 7am a family woke me up with their extremely loud voices (ohh how rude of them I thought can't they see I'm sleeping) When I woke up I discovered I had drooled all over my pillow plus I was snoring too ;) OHH NOO!!!

I went to the AirAsia counter and bought tickets to Bali from Kuala Lumpur so we waited another 7 hours to board the plane. THe flight was 3 hours long.

So by this time it had been more than 30 hours without a shower and my head was a bit itchy =)

We arrived Kuta, Bali at around 10pm yesterday.


And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how you travel the GHETTO WAY!!!!!!!!! =)

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