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On Christmas Eve, I took a train ride on an oldfashion train to Kuranda where the Rainforest is located. The train took us to the top of the rainforest through the mountains and waterfalls. The scenery was gorgeous. Oonce we got to the town of Kuranda, I did a lot of shopping in all the cute shops up and down the streets. I then wen into the Koala Garden and held a Koala along with petting kangaroos. There were crocidiles all over in the water too. After I was done shopping I took the Skyrail down over the canopy of the rainforest. It was very relaxing and peaceful. Once I got to the bottom, I went to and Aborginal show where the Aboriginal people who first were in Australia discussed the various icons of Australia. The musical instrument digideroo was played by all of them for entertainment. We got to practice the proper way to throw a boomerang and spears. The ritual dances were entertaining to watch as well.

When I returned to Cairns from the rainforest tour, I went to dinner with my new friend John for Italian food at Fasta Pasta. It was an interesting dinner because of the workers at the restuarant. They were not very happy about working on Christmas Eve or the fact that I did not eat all the pasta they cooked for me. It was actually pretty funny! We decided to take the extra pasta and leave it for a homeless person to enjoy on Christmas Eve. We placed it on one of the streets where we knew the bums like to hang out, it was gone first thing in the morning. We were happy about that! :)

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