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Concrete cows!


Man with a Merkin on his face...

Firstly, I'm currently being merrily bamboozled, by the biggest, scariest, most interestingly glow PC I've ever attempted to operate, so if this sense of gentle awe and confusion permeates the coming prose, please be understanding.

It's now 2010, in case you hadn't noticed the changing of decades somehow. Shannon, having now joined the fray made friends with the locals over a few gently consumed beverages, as we celebrated, the coming, and indeed the few few hours of, 2010. We accidentally stole some girls taxi, which was perhaps a bit mean, but we didn't mean to, honest. All we did was innocently stumble out of Div's apartment at 3.30 in the morning, lamenting the coming hour long stagger, only to discover a stationary taxi blocking our path. Ho Hum. The next morning saw Sam asleep, and myself and Shannon sleep walking around bletchley taking in the various sights and sounds. These being chavs, my old house and school, more chavs, some rather nice pastries, and the wonders of Whaddon Way.

I just rang mum and completely lost my train of thought. Arse.

Ahh! And we went snowboarding in a shopping centre! Which was novel, I learnt to snowboard in a shopping centre so I wasn't too over awed, but it was a fun little practise for any potential adventures in the Sweden/Norway/Japan kinda areas.

Been to a fantastic English pub called The Swan as well, it's the local, now everyone is all grown up, very nice it was/is too, stayed until stumps last night drinking real ale and generally being content.

Also, and this is probably a point to note - we're now in Manchester, in young Sam's flat and snow is everywhere. Future plans include Liverpool, Bakewell (and it's Tarts), and hopefully a Kabab, will also check out Manchester at some stage too. Now! Pictures!

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