Crawfords 2010 Southwest Winter Trip travel blog

Kristine and Corinne

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles, CA

New Years Day Polar Bear Dip in Cayucos, CA

Central Coastline with surfers, walkers, swimmers, etc.,

Beautiful vineyards, mountains, etc.

The Crawfords Christmas Stockings (We believe in BIG)

Driving on the Beach at Oceano, CA

Apologies to all for the lack of updates, but our computer "took a dump" and we had to buy a new laptop. Took a while to figure out what we were going to buy and then purchase one over the holidays with about a million people vying for salespersons' attentions at whatever computer store we were at. But we finally got the job done AFTER Christmas and we like the new computer, but all our software is back in Michigan. So we are still struggling a bit not wanting to buy what we already have at home - trying to figure out the minimum of what we can get by with. Anyway, with all that said, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

We have been in California over 2 weeks now and as expected, we have been busy and it has gone by fast. Here is a brief recap: (When have I ever been brief!)

Number of golf rounds: Ed (5) Sue (1) Corinne (1)

Number of Airport runs: 2 (One to pickup Kristine, One to take her back)

Number of Beach Visits: At least 4 including 1 on Christmas Eve where we actually drove on the beach. Beautiful weather to enjoy the beach.

Number of "Goodies" consumed: Too many, but the best were from Sue's sister Sally who mailed them from Michigan.

Number of Parties: 2 (Not including New Years Eve when we stayed home and had our own party.

Number of Movies Attended: 1 - But it was a good one (Avatar in 3D)

Number of Wineries Visited: 2 (Sue only last until the 2nd one. She can't hold her wine any more.)

Number of Games Played: 5 (Scrabble, Boggle, Buzz, Scattergories, Cribbage)

Number of Favorite Restaurant Visits: 2 (Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach for the best clam chowder ever and Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispbo for the best BBQ sandwich in the world!)

Number of Urgent Care Visits: 1 (Sue for pink eye on New Years Eve)

Number of Memories Created: IMMEASURABLE AND PRICELESS!!

We're here another week and then head back to Lake Havasu City to pick up the motorhome. Corinne has been very gracious and tolerant of us and has actually taken quite a bit of time off work while we have been here. She and Ed have done a lot of geo-cacheing and we have enjoyed taking drives up the coast. This is such a beautiful area. No wonder it is so expensive to live here!

It has been good to hear from many of you. We enjoy keeping up with what is happening in your life, too. Happy New Year to all.

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