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Thanksgiving in Orlando with friends Ron and Kathy.

The Turners on a log in Orlando.

Kathy and Ron Mulles in Orlando.

A tree carving close to the lake in Orlando.

Fishing pier out into the lake.

Lilly pads growing near the shore of the lake.

An enthusiastic little fisher on the pier.

More of the lake.

The point across from the fishing pier.

Some of the swamp along the shore of the lake.

Same swamp - different angle.

I was looking for a gator they said live in the lake....

Rita, Kathy and April enjoying the sun and view of the lake.


Across the lake.

Plenty of moss to support aquatic life.

A bloom in a sea of lilly pads.

Close-up of the lilly bloom.

Some of the fishermen on the pier.

Wild berrys growing on a branch in the woods.

Sandhill cranes visiting the campground. The birds stand at least 4 feet...

Twin pose.

Side view. They have a very loud squawk when they get excited.

This pair stayed together the whole time. Do you think they are...

Getting ready to squawk.

A guard gator near someones campsite.

Baloons went up one early evening while we were walking.

Sunset gives the baloon a redish tint against the blue sky.

This baloon made a low pass over the campground.

We all waved at eachother.

They came right over the top of us.

Rita and April.

Sunset in Orlando.

The miniture golf challenge. A western mining theme.

Rita tees off on the 6th hole.

Ron's shot around a nasty curve to the pen.

Kathy watching her shot roll.

Thousand Trails office in Orlando.

Orlando, Florida Nov. 23 - 30.

Orlando was a nice visit even though we didn’t do the big entertainment venues like Disneyworld. We enjoyed lots of sunshine and a little rain but plenty of warm weather. We got to visit with our good friends from Mac, Ron and Kathy. We played Hand and Foot as well as Chicken Foot a few nights. We also took some side trips for dinner and had Thanksgiving together. We were hoping to see an alligator but except for some heads and stuffed types no real living gators. We did see some sand cranes in the camp and also lots more of the white herons around in fields and water. There was a beautiful lake bordering the preserve. Some people fishing and rowing boats on it. We did manage to take in a round of golf. Miniature golf that is. The course we chose was built to imitate an old mining trail with waterfalls and lots of mining barriers. We had a great afternoon challenging each other on the course. All of us had at least one hole where we went the maximum 5 tries. A couple of us made a hole in one. It was a sunny comfortable afternoon. We enjoyed our stay in Orlando. We left Ron and Kathy there where they will be until sometime in January. They will travel home via airline to McMinnville for the Christmas and New Years holidays. They will return to Orlando when they return for another 3 weeks I believe. From Orlando we traveled north in Florida to Otter Springs RV near Trenton close to the Shawnee River and the Golf Coast.

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