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Merry Christmas everyone!

The past couple days here in Scheveningen with Tony have been great! The West Side Story show was really really good- I am so glad I had the opportunity to see it and watch my uncle perform in it also! There is a scene with him (Chino) and Maria and he is crying on her bed after Riff is murdered- he was soooooooo very good! The rest of the cast is really very good also! It really is something to be watching an American musical in a theater in Holland, surrounded by local dutch people. A very interesting and wonderful experience!

It's extremely cool to get a feel of the environment my uncle works and lives in... it seems like it's difficult at times, but the cast works hard and plays hard, but most of all I am just so glad that Tony is doing what he loves to do- perform! Not very many people get to travel around the world doing what they love to do... so proud of him!

Last night the company held a Christmas dinner for the cast and crew that was really nice. Tony and I exchanged and opened our christmas presents after an awesome free breakfast this morning that the hotel offers. Santa brought me a bath balm, two shirts and a small pair of dutch clogs! It was a great Christmas morning!

I am very glad I had a chance to rest the past couple days before heading to London tomorrow and once again walking my feet off. Tomorrow brings the last leg of my trip and I'm a little bummed knowing that in four days time I'll be heading back home- but I'm sure after 3 days of being alone again I will welcome the plane ride home. I think it's just after resting and spending some time with Tony that I am ready to tackle another city and feel like I can do another after that.

So this is my first Christmas away from home- away from family and loved ones. I miss everyone a lot- especially today. It's quite difficult at times to get over not being able to have a normal conversation over skype or the phone either because of a bad connection or the minutes running out on my phone card! I definitely take for granted how easily it is to communicate with people while being at home. Today makes me think how truly blessed and grateful I am to have wonderful family and friends in my life and whether sharing a holidy a few feet from each other or from over 4,000 miles away- I know I am loved and thought of as much as I love and think of them.

Hope that your holidays are truly merry and bright- full of love and cheer- even if that means having one too many glasses of eggnog!

Merry Christmas! Zalig Kerstfeast! Joyeux Noel!



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