Chad's Euro Trek- Winter 2009 travel blog

Hey guys! Made it to Scheveningen around 3pm today by train. My uncle was finishing up a show at the theater here so he left me a key to the room. When I walked in he had a christmas tree set up with decorations all around the room. He also had a few welcoming amazing cookie-like waffles, pringles and water- I guess just in case I was starving- and an christmas card that was really nice to read.

I met Chad and Ali who play Tony and Maria in the show, they walked me to the theater to meet up with Tony! I got to meet the rest of the cast who are all really cool and Tony gave me a backstage tour of the show- including his dressing room. All to cool! So happy I get to spend time with my uncle and relax for the next 2 days, my legs and feet are still killing me.

I am slipping all over the ice on the sidewalks and street here. They don't salt or shovel the snow here in Scheveningen! I actually fell on my ass while walking to drop off some laundry down the street from the hotel. Some old dutch lady walking by me stopped, shrugged her shoulders then aked if I was okay. It's probably a common occurence!

And for those of you who are wondering- no I did not smoke weed in Amsterdam! Smelling it every 2 seconds was enough for me! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that last night some guy on the street in front of my hostel tried to sell me weed, MDA, a woman and man. I said no to all four things... Amsterdam after dark....crazy....

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