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Volcano burping

Jungle part

Pacaya grub

Kissing grub

Jasper with John


Lava under foot

Guatemalan girl

Walking on hot volcanic rock

Lava river

Today we went in a van to climb a volcano and the van broke down and we had to go back to the start. We had to get another van, and then the road was closed and we had to go back again! Finally we got in another van and went a different way and then we got to the bottom of Pacaya, the volcano.

We started walking up the trail and we met some dogs along the way and we named them John and Dave. At the bottom of the trail it was in a jungle, and then it changed to crumbled volcanic gravel. It was steep and hard to climb and it took about two and a half hours to get to the top. John and Dave made it all the way to the top! At the stop we walked on a bed of fresh formed lava and it was so hot the bottom of my shoes started to melt! We say a river of lava and my dad put his walking stick in the lava river and it burnt immediately. It was very hot and my mom and I wanted to get off quick! We could see lava in some cracks between the rocks under our feet.

On our way back we saw another dog and I named him Steve and he loves cookies and bread. The dogs weren't treated very good because they were skinny and I say a guy whack a stick at Dave. It was a hard climb, and a bit scary, but it was fun.

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