Crawfords 2010 Southwest Winter Trip travel blog

We left the motorhome in storage in Lake Havasu City, and headed west in the truck towards California. It is 428 miles to Corinne’s house and it is an interesting trip through a variety of terrain. We have made this trip several times and even though it takes about 8 hours, we enjoy the scenery. It’s one of those trips that seem to take a long time, but once you are there, it doesn’t seem too bad. The first several hundred miles on I-40 are through the Mohave Desert. Last year when we drove through there was snow in the desert and on the distant mountaintops. This year was warm and sunny. We pass Edwards Air Force Base and continue on until we head into the mountains near Tehachapi where there are thousands of wind machines up on the hilltops and lots of ranches in the valleys. There is a little turnoff road we like to take that bypasses Bakersfield and it is one of our favorite stretches of road. It’s about 20 miles of windy, twisty road through lush hillsides and then suddenly you pop out still about 2000 feet up into a view of the farm fields near Bakersfield that is spectacular. After that it is many miles of farm fields, orchards, and oil fields until you get to the coastal range of the Sierra Madres. That is a beautiful drive through the mountains also. We finally connect up with 101 near Santa Maria and once there, we are only about 10 miles from Corinne’s place.

We were excited to see her and look forward to the time we can spend with her. We unloaded our stuff and made ourselves at home. We brought a lot of “stuff.” We are not known to be light packers. We told Corinne we had enough stuff to stay 2 weeks or 2 months. I’m sure she’s hoping it’s not the later! Kristine will join us on Christmas Day and we are excited that we will all be together again for a few days.

We have had beautiful weather since we arrived with warmer than normal temps and sunny skies. Ed has played golf twice, we attended a party with Corinne at one of her friend’s house, done some shopping, and played some games. I understand it is cold and snowing back home and I can’t say I miss it one bit.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but it is also a time to reflect on our blessings and realize how much WE are loved and how much we love our friends and family. So to all of you, we wish you a Merry Christmas and send our love. Hope you are able to spend the holidays with those you love and remember how fortunate we are that the greatest love gift of all was given to us by God.

Merry Christmas....................................Sue and Ed

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