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Waiting out the rain in Alta Gracia in, of all places, a...

Is this really a problem that requires a sign?

More storm clouds approaching

A Jesuit estancia (ranch) built in the 17th and 18th centuries

The dome of the estancia's chapel

Laura walking through the halls of the estancia

The estancia's 400-year old stone and brick walls

It was so hot in Alta Gracia that even the statues took...

The guy who put Jesus in Jesus Maria

The Jesuit estancia at Jesus Maria. The skies that day looked like...

One last picture of what has become a baby boulder

A view from the estancia's chapel

The estancia's courtyard

Another view of Jesus Maria's chapel

Kids playing in the (unsanitary) river. They started showing off with carthweels...

Having exhausted most of what Cordoba had to offer, Laura and I decided to take a couple day trips out of town. First, we went to Alta Gracia, a town of about 40,000 people an hour south of Cordoba. Alta Gracia is home to one of the region’s five or six Jesuit estancias, ranches built by the Jesuits in the early 17th Century. We spent some time there, as well as at the Che Guevera museum that had been set up in one of Che’s childhood homes. As far as museums for murderous revolutionaries go, it wasn’t too bad. Perhaps best of all, we spent about an hour and a half in a café in a Shell gas station (such things are common here, and we weren’t the only ones there) waiting for some torrential rains to pass us by. ¡Viva La Gasolina!

Two days later, we checked out Jesus Maria, a much smaller town about an hour north of Cordoba. Again, the main attraction was a Jesuit estancia (which luckily was open when everything else in town was shut down—it was literally a ghost town, with the streets empty and the shops shuttered—it being Sunday afternoon and all). The highlight, however, was a $0.25 pastry we bought from an old lady on the street (Dona Catalino, in case any of you are passing through Jesus Maria anytime soon).

Today we head home, so there won’t be any more entries after this one. We hope you enjoyed the show. Gratuities can be sent to us after January 8, 2010 at our new address: 7951 Orchid St. NW, Washington, DC 20012.

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