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I had a hangover when Jonathan arrived at our bungalow. We had a breakfast at the pier and we went at a small beach where I knew we could buy sandwiches before leaving for the other island. We were buying some food and there was a board which was indicated Boat tour to the small deserted islands. As we wanted to have a tour the day after we just checked the price everywhere we saw something about it. At this precise time I had an idea and asked my mates if they would enjoy to camp on an island the day after. They agree and we let the idea progressively grow on our head. We took a longtail boat to Koh yao Yai. The funny thing was that they had to put the scooters in the boat and guys had to stay during all the journey on the scooter to avoid that it felled in the sea. And the second really funny thing was that when we arrived at the pier a guy came to us to arrange the boat and he had a pink stick in his nose that he absolutely didn t care and he kept it during all our conversation-

Once we arrived in koh yao hoi, we had a ride until the beach that we saw from the boat with palms, white sand… but it was dirty with a lot of shit everywhere. Really pitty and annoying,. We made a move to find other places and finally we arrived in a beautiful long and deserted beach. The sun was here and we chilled a bit, topless for me for the first time in Asia. It was a freedom feeling ( and I m a bit bored to have lighthouse instead of boops : ).

After one hour we moved and we had to stop on the way back to the pier because of the rain. we met locals on a shop and talked to them a bit before trying to find another pier,anyway was a bit hard and finally we came back to our island. Once arrived we went to the town to buy everything we needed to our camping the following day . we bought some mugs, forks, and ustensils to cook. we bought a lot of local foods, noodles and rhum. then we came back to our place where we asked for the boat.

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