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Kat, Jamie and the Cat



This is Ella


Auntie and Jamie

The Fog God was on our side this morning as we headed off of Bethel Island and turned south once again. The overcast was high and there was no ground fog. Traffic was light through Stockton and by the time I turned over my page in my Atlas from Northern California to Southern California, the sun was attempting to break through the haze. It was actually warm enough to take off sweatshirts and snuggy enough for me to catch some zzz's while I soaked up the sun in the Navagator's seat.


The sky this morning was so beautiful with the sun trying to break through the misty fog/overcast. The Delta and fields that we passed had a peaceful look with the colors of grey and lavendar. We saw several large flocks of geese overhead, probably heading south too.


Tonight we are parked in front of my niece Amanda's home where her husband, Jeremy, their three kids, my brother, Jim, his wife, Kat, and their daughter, Jamie all live. We have spent the afternoon and evening visiting and catching up on family news. The kids have grown in the way that kids always do over time and it is fun watching them play with so much energy. We feasted on Jeremy's homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner, followed by a scrumptious four layer chocolate cake - and they didn't even know I was coming for dinner!


John has hit the sack at his usual time, but Amanda said she would go with me to the late show to see "New Moon", the new vampire movie that I did not get to see in Texas, if I was up to it. Are you kidding! Thank you, Amanda. She is an ultimate Twi Fan - she must take after her Auntie Ann. Her baby daughter is even named Bella.


It is good to reconnect with family again. If I had to come up with a downside of RVing, it is that we don't get to see friends and family often enough.

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